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Leather Bound Journals

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   PMLJ–0300 5x7
Color:     Wine
   Price:     $28.00

PMLJ–0200 4x6
Color:     Wine 
   Price:     $24.00 

Handmade by skilled artisans in India from cruelty-free leather and tree-free paper. The leather comes from naturally dead animals which were not slaughtered for their skins. The paper is made from 100% recycled cotton rags from the textile industry. The pages are unlined, allowing space for free-form journaling and your personal drawings. The leather cover is hand-debossed and the wraparound flap is secured with an elastic band to keep it closed when your not writing.

These beautiful journals are perfect for recording your daily diary or writing funny stories about your children. They also make the perfect unique gift to give away to friends. 

Due to the texture of the leather, there may be slight variations in the color. This is not a flaw or mistake by the Artisan. Each leather bound journal or cover will be unique in color and design.

Leather Bound Guest Book



PMLJGB-0100 8x10
Color:   Wine
Price:   $38.00